What We Do

the first verification framework dedicated to
eliminating slavery in business supply chains


Central to slavefreetrade’s mission are the world’s consumers and retailers; workers and employers; and businesses and their suppliers. The distance between people in these groups has resulted in a lack of knowledge by consumers about who and how products are made, a lack of respect for the human rights of 45 million workers, and a lack of clear sight and responsibility to the end of every supply chain.

And our mission is to create a movement.

A movement of people who care about the people behind the things they buy.

A movement of businesses committed to more than traditional profit that includes their workers.

And for them, there is the potential of increased economic value – doing good will be a bonus.

Our theory of change revolves around re-building relationships based on trust between the main actors in our consumerist system. All of our actions aim to foster circles of trust, interlinked, to form a holistic, ethical system bounded by respect for human life and the world we live in.

slavefreetrade seeks to change the way we treat the people who make the products we buy. We do this because enslavement is below human dignity and should not be suffered by anyone.

To achieve such radical change, we fully intend to subvert the social order wrought by rampant consumerism. We will replace it with aware, conscious, consumer ethicalism.

Firmly of the view that technology of blockchain is ushering in a new era of possibilities for a more equal and just world, we harness the transformative power of the transparency it brings, and we couple it with what we feel is a new wave of human consciousness.

The result of this coupling? A world free of slaves.

To achieve this, we have developed a suite of programmes involving the primary audiences business listen to – namely – consumer, governments, investors, bankers, insurers, other businesses, and the media.



We provide consumers with information about how much slavery there is in business supply chains.  We will also provide options for consumers to buy slave-free goods – through slave-free labelled goods/services.

We work with governments to develop legislation that requires businesses to fully investigate their supply chains and remove any incidents of slavery from within it.

We provide investors with information about which businesses are certified slave-free so they can make sound investment choices. Investing in other businesses carries the risk, that if slavery is exposed, their investments will be worth less.

We create incentives with insurers and lenders to reward slave-free certified businesses with cheaper insurance policies and credit respectively.

We also work with world leading technologists

We ensure that our:

  • Audits are efficient,
  • Data transmission and storage are safe,
  • Public communication about supply chain data and certified businesses is comprehensive and efficient.

Ensuring that our policies, strategies and programming caters for the specific needs of survivors of slavery, women and children is also a central feature of our work.  We also conduct research into supply chain slavery and a range of related issues, enabling slavefreetrade to remain at the forefront of knowledge about its field and to share its knowledge.

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