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What the Heck is slavefreetrade, and What Does it Have to Do With Me?

What the Heck is slavefreetrade, and What Does it Have to Do With Me?

NGO social enterprise in gear to make every workplace better and consumer choices easier to identify slave-free products.

slavefreetrade (all lower case, all one word, all the time) is still pretty new, so not many people know what we do. In short, we are a non-profit social enterprise out to make every workplace in the world a better one. And let’s start by being clear; we arrive at this mission from our ambition to eliminate modern slavery from business, in particular in the things we buy daily.

But, did you know you don’t even need to have a supply chain for us to help you? You can be an objectively “verified good” employer using our powerful method. Company, government department, NGO, University – anywhere that employs people. And, for a sweetener, would you like a 20 percent bump in your retail sales? Then, read on, Macduff (sorry, Shakespeare).

4 Facts about Modern Slavery

Here are some facts about modern slavery.

Did you know?

  • 10s of millions – at least half of whom are children, and more than half are girls or women – of people work in conditions of modern slavery around the globe at any one time. 
  • That slavery exists behind around 80% of the stuff you buy. 
  • At least 71% of companies admit there is likely slavery behind the stuff you buy. 
  • Only 6% of those companies can tell you what’s going on concerning the humans actually making your stuff. 

But we hate to focus on just the numbers. Being a pack of rabid optimists, we think those numbers can change for the better. How about you?

We are volunteering our butts off to do just that; you can too, if you like, anytime – just drop us a line. Contrary to contemporary thinking on supply chain management, for us, the units of measure are human; workplaces, not products, working conditions, not product characteristics.

Our interest, after all, is making sure the humans doing the work are being looked after no matter what they do or where in the world they do it. And we offer you the opportunity to do just that every day and everywhere you operate.

Social Label for Workplaces Points to a World Without Modern Slavery

As the world’s first universal social label for workplace conditions, our methods and systems are eminently applicable to all types of organisations, whether you want your supply chain made impervious to slavery, or your own worksites assessed and monitored for humane working conditions.

Immunity to modern slavery is all about healthful workplaces; the continuous bright light we emit ensures modern slavery cannot creep in.

Understanding Better Conditions for Workers is One Part of the Process

Your business doesn’t have to have a supply chain to be verified as a good place to work and to show respect for your employees by simply understanding their conditions better.

We make you an independent, objectively “verified good employer,” powered by our slavefreetrade method.

Proprietary Technology and Blockchain Coupled to Create Zero-Knowledge Proof

This is the way it works: We use our proprietary technology, a hybrid of conventional tech and blockchain, to virtually ‘interview’ employees right across an organisation.

Our interviews are done in an anonymous and pretty secure ‘zero-knowledge proof’ way (Google ‘Ali Baba’s Cave’), so we know employees are who they say they are. Employees have nothing to fear; their interview answers can’t be traced to them. We analyse the results of the data and assess workplaces against our 10 Principles of Good Workplaces, including no forced labour, freedom of association, no child labour, etc.

Workplace Map Features Conditions and Improvements

Over time, we map for change in your workplace conditions and can show you exactly how your workplace has developed. We help you objectively understand the impact of the measures you take to improve your workplaces.

A real finger on the pulse of your workplace. It doesn’t matter how many staff are in your employ: 50, 500, 5000, or 500,000. There is no upper limit on our scalability except server space, and we have that sorted.

A Peek into your Supply Chain Gives you the Full Picture

Your workplace results are beautifully and simply brought to life for you in your platform dashboard. You can view your workplaces and see how each one is scoring in a real-time, continuing, and actually pretty fun, way. There is a running sheet of developments in your workplaces.

We provide a professional library so you can keep abreast of conceptual developments in supply chains and workplace management. You can also visualize and explore your workplaces and/or supply chain on a map of the world and dig down to see what’s happening anywhere and everywhere.

Volunteer-Based Enthusiasm Powers our NGO

As a non-profit social enterprise, we’re proud to unveil what has been several years in the making with our mostly volunteer workforce. You will excuse the enthusiasm, but it is pretty hard to keep under wraps.

The data set for your workplace is being updated when responses come in, and you can see in a chart how your scoring is doing at all times: reds, greens, and yellows. Lots more greens, we hope. But, if a red comes up, we then help you fix it.

Electrical Current Connects Supply Chains and Workplaces

If you happen to buy anything (of course, pretty much every organisation does), then you enter the details of the suppliers of things you procure. They’re then allowed to enter our system too, and can become verified. When they do, it creates a chain; whether it be your workplace or your supply chain. Picture it like this: an ‘electricity’ channel running up to and through you, and everywhere you work.

Each actor in your organisation or your supply chain acts as a switch on that current. When they become verified, their switch is turned to ‘on’. And the ‘electricity’ current is allowed to run to you. Every actor in the workplace or supply chain is verified, the ‘electricity’ goes from the bottom of the organisation of your supply chain to the top; the circuit is complete.

We will alert you when a chain ‘goes green’ (and you can see it on your map when it really, actually, does turn green). If you sell consumer goods, you’re then licenced to carry the slave-free label on your products. If you’re an employer, you can take the organisational name of a “verified good” employer, powered by slavefreetrade.

B2C? Yes, Business to Consumer

If you’re a retailer, you’re at the top of the chain. With our upcoming consumer app, your shoppers can scan the barcode of your products and see immediately the status of the chain, where the products come from, right back to the primary producers. And they can even remit a tip to the workers! We reckon ethical shoppers will love it and reward the heck out of you for being good corporate citizens.

Modern Slavery Statements to Become the Norm

If you operate in the UK or Australia, or several other markets, including the EU, the net on corporate behaviour is closing. Supply chain due diligence and modern slavery statements are going to become the norm.

On our platform, you can view your entire workplace in a generated detailed report. The report shows the myriad ways you have dealt with making your workplaces, and your supply chain, resistant to modern slavery.

That same click, if you choose, can also auto-submit your statement for you. Modern slavery statements have never been more straightforward nor more meaningful. And just think how that also looks in an annual report with all the numbers and charts you need to tell the world how demonstrably good an employer you are and how free of slavery you are!

How our Platform Dashboard eases Communication with Suppliers

Also, you can communicate securely and directly with anyone in your chain, or across your entire organisation, no matter what tier, right there in your dashboard.

If you are a barista in London and you love the beans you just got a plantation in Guatemala, click to chat to the supplier and say so! If you are in the London head office and your subsidiary is in Manila, ask how they are! It is as easy as one click.

There is SOOO much more to tell because we are talking about nothing less than a revolution in making suitable employment a valid, objective, global norm. And making modern slavery in workplaces a thing of the past. Let’s be clear, we do this to eradicate modern slavery, and, if we do ourselves out of a job, we will be the happiest bunch of unemployed people in the world.

More Cool B2B Things

Maybe just one last very cool thing for now, though, because it is simply too exciting to stop writing. If you want to buy or sell verified slave-free, you can find a slave-free trading partner to buy from, or sell to, right there from your dashboard (or using our phase 2 B2B app!)! If you do find a verified business partner, then the electricity already in your business partners can get through.

You can go to your shoppers with the label firmly affixed and expect a 20% increase in your sales volume. You can find verified buyers and sellers right in your dashboard with search criteria like products and locations. You can connect with them. And, in phase 2, you can even place orders – and make and receive payments – right there in your dashboard.

So, How Can We Help You?

Do you care, and want to show you care, about the working conditions of your employees?

Why You Need slavefreetrade. Let’s Count the Ways

Would it help you in, not only your social responsibility efforts, but your recruitment efforts, and your annual reporting, to be clearly and demonstrably listening to every one of your employees? Showing you are a good company, with objective, independent proof of that in real-time?

  • Do you want to make sure you only buy things from suppliers who also take care of their employees?
  • Do you want to make it clear to your staff and the potential team that you care about their conditions? Their engagement?
  • Are you committed to both human rights and your employee’s welfare?
  • Do you wish you had the means to make a modern slavery statement that is not just easy to prepare but actually means something?
  • Do you want to be able to communicate to consumers your things are made without slavery? And have them reward you for your good actions by a bump in sales?

If you answered YES to one, or all, of the above questions, then you need slavefreetrade. We can help you achieve stunning results against even your loftiest ambitions.