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The generosity of our crowdfund campaign donors has guaranteed the future of the Freedomer App. With the help of our Freedomers, we hit our target and then some. Many of our donors declined gift rewards, or even to be recognized on the Wall of Freedom. Regardless, we appreciate your contribution, and recognize your desire to create a better world for us all. Thank you for fueling our ambition to deliver this mission in full.

We are now ready to complete the first design iteration of the app, with the help of user feedback. This means finalizing the app’s design, and the last bits of code. Then of course there will be rigorous testing to ensure a pleasant, effective and user-friendly experience. We are planning the release for later this year, after we have received all the feedback and applied the finishing touches. Then we will be ready to invite you to use it!

The Freedomer App is our shared platform where every voice will be heard in the struggle to eradicate modern slavery.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and sign up to our mailing list and receive Freedomer App development updates and information about slavefreetrade’s other initiatives.

Together, we can build a World Made in Freedom.

Thank you again

Freedomer Wall

Marco Colacchia
Alan Tawil-Kummerman
Michel  Veuthey
Chris Gassman
Riccardo Guitart
Sophie Glaser
Gabriella Montandon
Soraya Raccah
Zdeněk Pražák
Jan Semenza
Sandra Dornheim
David Watelet
Daniel Voicu
giuseppe berardone
Naomi Gibson
Claude Frankart
Lars Dornburg
Amanda Blades
Yannis Lagouranis
Jeff Lewis
Justine Bailey
Constância Quitério
Thomas Agostini
Viktor Juhasz
pasquale foglia
Sabine Meierhans
Anish Seth
Elena Babbi
Andreas Fleury
Maria Gärtner Nord
Philip Wellens
Vanessa Kitic
Tom Waterhouse
André Kavalieris
Saverio Patimo
Amelie De Lamaze
Pierre Champsavoir
Maria Colacchia
Bettina Palazzo
Stefan Geissbühler
Lucie Zaugg
Chris Rohner
Isabel Ellenberger
orsola vettori
marlis meier
Nilesh Koul
Sim Hörtner
Andrea Vock
Francesca Francavilla
Julien Rizzi
Nana Mallet
Alessandro Mazzarani
salvatore impellizzeri
Andrew Crosby
Ehiz Enek
Tyler Schmetterer
Lotte Jung
Flávia  Jacob
Viviana Sprio
Emmanuel de Martel
Sara Gnoni
QinFang(Fanny) Wu
Véronique  Sikora
Gisele Stamm
Susanne Fries-Palm
Stevie  Calandra
Mohamed Shreef
Graham Bird
Angella Clarke-Jervoise
Vince Molinari
David Badower
Jonas Grunwald
Evelyne Vanpoucke
Calle Axelsson
Serena Rudge
Gaëlle REY
Sascha R. Bauer
Gary Greenberg
Diana Ntreh
Sonia Dutt Thussu
Susanne Herms
Tobias Schneeberger
Friederike  Gubler
Ann Duffy
Jessica Westerouen van Meeteren
philip biber
Tielmann Aull
Michela Vecchiola
Kate Lumley-sapanski
Adrian Zevenbergen
Stephen Wann
Scott Poynton
Filipe Fernandes
Sina Mollekopf
Sacha Westerouen van Meeteren
Daniel Lotyczuk
Fabio Moioli
Jürg Kaufmann
Henrik Axelson
Petra Geckova
Frank Labrousse
M. Ibrahim Shreef
Jörg Köppl
enric llaudet
Lukas von Boetticher
Gabriel&Noel Fanghänel
Daniel Oquinn
Maria Iseppi
Daniel Godfrey
Mai Franklin
Brian Iselin
Vicky  Truong-Mirhossein
Faranak Ghezel
Alex Cyrille Chaha Monkam
Susan Wingfield
Nelleke van Heerikhuize
Katherine Jachens
Daniela Chávez
Kevin Foster
Suzanne Slegers
Mary Hawley
Seyed  Mirhossein
Oudomsanith Bresson
alessandro pasquini

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