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A Call to Freedom:
Become a Freedomer Today!

Join us and lend your voice to empower those most vulnerable among us

We are inviting you to support the last-mile development and launch of slavefreetrade's Freedomer App by the end of this year, joining our mission towards creating a world Made In FreedomTM. This App will give you, the consumer, the power to make a difference. You, and people like you all over the world will have the opportunity to be a force for change, demanding Human Rights accountability from manufacturers and retailers as we shine a light of hope into the shadowy corners of modern slavery.

Why the Freedomer App?

Because it’s time for each one of us to speak up for human rights and help the nearly 50 million people around the world who are forced to work in unsafe and unfair, modern slavery conditions.

Who is the Freedomer App For?

You. Everyday consumers, who want to use the power of their wallet to fight injustice and make the right buying choices. With our voices united, we can demand Human Rights accountability from businesses and protect our most vulnerable.

How does it work?

Your donation will help us build the Freedomer App to end modern slavery. This is a platform for you and others like you to find and share information, to voice concern, engage with human rights experts and campaign for change.

Freedomer Rewards

We are so very grateful to Filippo Buzzini, Artist, and a longtime supporter of our mission, for designing the stunning artwork exclusive to this campaign.

I am a freedomer - we make it

As a token of our appreciation, our generous donors to the Freedomer App may choose to receive a cool gift showcasing Filippo’s incredible work. These items are a limited edition and available exclusively to donors to our crowdfund campaign, so donate today and let the world know you’re a Freedomer – with style!

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