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Join the movement and use your skills to help end slavery.

HR Manager

Are you great with people?

Do you know how to identify and get the best from team members?

Are you interested in ending global slavery?

We are looking for people to join our multidisciplinary team to support the recruitment, orientation, training, and performance management across the association.  If you have experience doing these things and are fantastic at creating collegiality and building strong teams, please get in touch.

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer

Volunteer Coordinator


Do you love helping people find their niche?
Do you want to organize a global team that is changing the world?
Are you creative, strategic and dynamic?

The slavefreetrade team is looking for someone to fill the big shoes of Volunteer Coordinator. We need: to expand our online recruitment of volunteers and interview and match new volunteers to positions where they can shine. We want: to devise a strategy to keep a regular roll call system for our current volunteers! You are: a go-getter, a team player, and a motivator.  You have: an eye for seeing the best in people and a knack for getting the job done and being an organizational superstar while doing it!

If you would love to help end modern slavery by putting the pieces of our puzzle together, we want to hear from you!

Location: Worldwide / Home-based
Work Type: Casual/Part-time Volunteer

 Researchers, Government Programme

Do you want to contribute to a mission to eliminate modern day slavery?

Do you enjoy researching and learning new things?

Is your writing eloquent and crisp?

Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour is the target 8.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are looking for people with a legal background to join our Government Programme to conduct research into legislative/regulatory systems, including public procurement, for a number of consultancy projects we are developing.

If research and writing is your thing, drop us a line.

Location: Worldwide

Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer


 IT Administrator

Are you tech savvy?
Do you love to find innovative uses for technology?
Have you ever wanted to join a team that was on a quest to change the world?

The team at slavefreetrade is searching for an energetic and experience tech wizard to keep us operating smoothly as we pursue our mission to eradicate global slavery. You can diagnose and solve a range of technical issues in your sleep. You are a go-getter and love incorporating new and innovative ways for using technology. You are a superstar at maintaining and managing networks and know all the best practices to keep things operational.

The aim is for you to use your skills and expertise to manage our internal IT infrastructure by providing support and assistance to a team of 50 volunteers. You will be managing and setting up email accounts, helping with daily troubleshooting or maintenance needs, and proposing innovative ideas for internal communications tools.

If you are collaborative and team-oriented, and have demonstrated experience in technical support roles, we would love to hear from you!

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer


Personal Assistants to the President & Senior Vice President

Do you thrive in a fast paced environment?
Can you turn your hand to disparate tasks at the drop of the hat?
Can you eloquently answer questions in areas you are/not familiar with?
The President and Senior Vice President are looking for a Personal Assistant.

You will work shoulder to shoulder with the Principals of slavefreetrade, scheduling, setting up calls, email mngt, receipts/reimbursements, expense claims etc. You will also support all our programmes and activities, being our Principals’ right (or left) hand.

These are roles for super energetic, creative, quick-thinking, well organised individual who is also awesome to work with.

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer


Do you know all the right words to make a message pop?
Are you a word nerd?
Have you ever considered using your eye to help create a global movement?

The slavefreetrade team is on the hunt for a creative and experienced editor. You will help us in our quest for global justice by editing a range of digital communications and documents that support our mission to eradicate modern slavery.

You have a proven track record in editing, a superstar knowledge of the English language and all the rules that come with it. You can take something good and make it amazing! You are energetic, a total team-player and have a passion for the written word. Experience with WordPress is a bonus but not essential. An eye for formatting and design helps too!

If you would like to join our fast-paced and exciting team, please apply today

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time Volunteer

Writers and Copywriters

Are you a gifted writer?
Are you passionate about using your skills to create social impact?

The slavefreetrade comms team is looking for gifted writers to shape the voice and messaging of our consumer program. You will write scintillating copy for our website, blogs, video scripts and important documents – if you are a super star you may want to take over one of these functions exclusively. These are roles for those who understand how to write for real people, how to take complex ideas and make them accessible, inspiring, entertaining and even fun.

Please apply for this role if you have a talent for the English language; if you are a creative wordsmith who wants to change the world.

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer

Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Are you passionate artist?
Do you want to use your talents to impact change?

The slavefreetrade Communications Team is looking for gifted Graphic Artists and Illustrators to design our public facing media. As well as our organisational branding and campaigns, we will foray into packaging, activist art, merchandise, an online gallery and more. You will get to see your art used for social good. You will create art that inspires consumers to action, or at least makes them think. You will educate and empower consumers to make the right choices and realise their power.

If you are an artist who cares about how things work in this world, this is a chance to join a movement of artists collaborating for a global cause.

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer


Social Media Coordinators


Does expanding social media networks excite you?
Are you known for engaging and smart banter?
Do you want to be at the vanguard of global slavery elimination?

We are looking for people to join our multidisciplinary team to create and maintain a strong online presence across our social media platforms. We are looking for people with an excellent command of English, flexibility, creativity, attention to detail and capacity to work to deadlines. If this is you, and you being demonstrable, related experience – drop us a line.

Location: Worldwide / Home-based
Work Type: Casual/Part-time Volunteer

 film makers, motion graphics & videographers

Can you make a story come to life?
Do you want to use your skills for good (and not evil!)?

The slavefreetrade team is looking for experienced and energetic filmmakers, videographers, and motion graphics designers to tell the story of modern slavery to the world. You are an experienced story-teller and video-editing ninja with the ability to captivate an audience and stop them in their tracks. You know how to communicate ideas in innovative and relevant ways, and have a bit of creative genius in you. You will promote justice and equality by educating people on the realities of modern slavery and help us create a worldwide movement to eradicate it.

If you want to see your work used for something amazing, even life-changing, and if this sounds like an exciting way to make your mark on the world, we would love to hear from you!

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer

 are we missing your job description?


Do you have skills or experience that you want to bring to the slavefreetrade team?
Are you passionate about fighting the good fight and being a voice of global justice?

The team at slavefreetrade is always looking for talent and passion that will help our organisation achieve our vision of a world without slavery. If you think you can contribute in a way that is not advertised in the listing above, contact us at: kathryn.giffin@slavefreetrade.org.

Location: Worldwide
Work Type: Casual/Part-time & Volunteer

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