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Welcome to the slave-free Global Sourcing Initiative

More than 70% of consumers want to buy slave-free.
More than 90% will switch to an alternative brand if it is slave-free.

But they need to trust that it is slave-free.

No hollow statements.
No thoughts and prayers.
Proof. Impact data. Stories.
And You are the business that wants to bring that to consumers;
Meeting the demand for the world’s most unsatisfied consumer market.
slavefreetrade’s Global Sourcing Initiative is about helping you
define what you want to bring to your consumers,
what you want to buy slave-free.

About Slavefreetrade
Our Vision

To bring supply of and demand for slave-free goods and services together.

Our Mission

A world in which slave-free goods and services are the norm

slavefreetrade was formed in late 2016 on the back of decades of experience of the Founder in modern slavery cases around the world. Many things about current responses to modern slavery just don’t add up. Or worse, are counterproductive; some things we do even fuel the growth of modern slavery.

We formed a global, multidisciplinary task force to identify the international standards and law that make a workplace decent. Those we combined into a structure of 10 Principles, including one for supply chain transparency.

People all over the world have the power to ensure a modern, progressive, and just world where everyone works in freedom with respect and dignity.
We equip you and your clients to make that ideal a reality.

Global Sourcing Assistance

Based on your product profiles, we actively scour the earth for slave free ethical products and services matched for your needs.

Display Our
Badge of Respect

Our badge shows your customers, staff and stakeholders that you have committed to advancing human rights in your supply chain.

Better Consumer Engagement

The research is clear. More than 90% of consumers will switch to a brand that offers ethical products. And they talk about the brand!

Lower Ethical Product Sourcing Cost

Because we do the heavy lifting, sourcing slave free product and assessing the supply chain, you have a far lower cost in acquiring ethical supply.

You might be in SOURCING/BUYING, a buyer for a retail chain, for example, in procurement for a multinational. And you want to bring your consumers slave-free. Or you want to be doing the right thing and buy only things that are made with respect for human rights. But you don’t know where to start with finding such suppliers.

Bingo. Here you define what you would like to buy slave-free and we help you find it. If a supplier is already in the system, you are instantly connected. If there isn’t one, we search for it, and notify you when one is a) found, and b) assessed and monitored by us.

You might be in PUBLIC PROCUREMENT. As demands for doing more with less eat into the time procurements agencies and staff have to devote to screening the ethical and sustainability footing of suppliers, there is now a shortcut. Register your interests here; what do you want to buy slave-free? And the sourcing initiative helps you find it. We connect you with suppliers of those products as those suppliers come on line and are successfully assessed by us as slave-free.

You might be an ETHICAL RETAILER and simply want to do your utmost to bring slave-free goods to your store, and purchase ingredients that are assessed and monitored by us by us to be slave-free. Here it is.

What does it cost?

  • FREE platform access for the next 12 months for all invited Associate Members of slavefreetrade.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP in slavefreetrade - only 25 CHF per annum - Less than a good lunch!

What You Get:

  • FREE 12 MONTH ACCESS to the slave-free Global Sourcing Initiative platform sourcing system.
  • PUBLIC ACKNOWLEDGMENT of your organisations commitment through the Members Page and Social Media.
  • The right to carry our BADGE OF RESPECT showing employees, consumers and stakeholders your commitment to human rights.
  • UNLIMITED PRODUCT PROFILES describing the goods you are looking for to help us match slave free suppliers to your needs.
  • Full direct SUPPLIER CONTACT INFORMATION for all available products and EOI on those under assessment.
  • INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS of new slave free products that meet your requirements, allowing you to get to market faster.
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE INVITES for Global Sourcing Initiative resources, training, events and conferences.
  • UNLIMITED SEARCHES of the slavefreetrade Global Sourcing Initiative for available products.
  • ZERO COMMISSION online ordering/purchase option for slave free products globally.
  • Regular news of NEW PRODUCTS have just come online in the Global Sourcing Initiative.
  • Optional DIRECT MESSAGING, for free, to those selling what you want to buy.
  • A full buyer COMPANY PROFILE; tell other ethical buyers who you are.

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As a Swiss non profit slavefreetrade does not collect any Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Any taxes found to be assessable in the clients jurisdiction remains the responsibility of the client.