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As much as 80% of the goods we buy, own, or invest in have human rights abuses behind them

As consumers, we can champion change by joining our voices and asking our favourite brands to change for the better

Purchase only products or services made by people treated fairly, paid a living wage and working in humane conditions

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Do you know if the products you buy are slavefree?

The Freedomer® App we are putting together will help you become a champion for the change you want to see in the world. Here’s your platform to ensure your voice reaches brands and manufacturers to implement decent work conditions in the factories and workplaces where your favourite brands are produced. Vote with your voice and with your wallet. Find information, trace how and where products are made, campaign for better conditions and create positive momentum for your cause by sharing and bringing together supporters for your cause.

Join the movement to get early access to the app soon as it is ready

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Support us

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Your donation can make a big difference to our mission to transform the lives of those suffering from human rights abuses in their work, help us create a World Made in Freedom (TM).