We help you make sure your brand is Made in Freedom™

Libertas™ is the world’s first distributed human source intelligence system for human rights compliance.

Libertas™ is the coming together of two big pieces of work. The first is a robust definition of 'decent work' using international human rights law: our 10 Principles.

The second is the advanced technology to deliver that framework to everyone to participate globally. Agnostic to product and geography, its units of measure are workplaces and people.

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100 % Confidentiality & Anonymity

Real-time proof of human conditions in your workplace

Confidential resolution support for any issues detected

How does it work?

Network Discovery

Your business network - your suppliers, clients, investees, members are your crucial partners in whatever you do. Network discovery identifies, maps, and enrols your extended network.

  • Everyone knows their immediate business partners; suppliers, investees, etc. You just identify them to Libertas™.
  • Libertas™ then connects with them to ask them to join. The connection to you is then mapped.
  • When they join, they go through the same processes, and their results are connected to yours. Like partners.

Workplace Assessment & Monitoring

  • Every person in your workplace who wants to participate can enrol.
  • We ask every single person in the workplace a continuing stream of questions about their conditions.
  • We aggregate and analyse the results across every worksite, your entire organisation, and your entire business network.

Policy & Legal Compliance

  • Make sure you comply with the highest international examples of human rights, due diligence, and modern slavery laws.
  • Identity what you can improve in your policy framework.
  • Step by step learn and grow your compliance with international standards.


We’re delighted to work with slavefreetrade as it gives us just what we wanted – a way to prove that we’re doing our very best to ensure that our suppliers are looked after, and their staff are looked after too.

Jo Salter

We want to set a leading example of a world where the bar is set higher than us just saying ‘we are good guys’. Our customers deserve better.

Calum Haggerty
Managing Director
Coco Chocolatier

Everyone should be able to choose things Made In Freedom. Most of us would do it automatically, of our own accord, if only we were able to easily see which products are and which aren’t Made in Freedom – that’s why we are partners in slavefreetrade’s mission of creating a world where its possible to make and buy things Made in Freedom.”

Jose Maldonado
Sustainable Supply Analyst
Luker Chocolate

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