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Live, human, proof of slave free workplaces

Put human rights at the centre of your organisation

We help you to build a human-centric business culture, by:

Giving a voice to everyone in your organisation, regardless of hierarchy and location.

Capturing their workplace conditions through their own eyes, safely and confidentially.

Assessing your policies against international human rights law

Assisting you in mobilising internal action and communicating externally

You can trigger change

slavefreetrade® members gain access to a set of proprietary processes that allows them to exercise corporate human rights due diligence to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how they address impacts on human rights.

We are creating Libertas™, the world’s first distributed and continuous human rights compliance platform. 

Libertas™ is set to become an innovative technology that will assess human rights conditions at the workplace—in real time, all the time.