Meet the Team

The people behind slavefreetrade are concerned citizens. We are, to be quite frank, a bunch of concerned, rescuer-complex, messianic individuals, all driven by righteous frustration to do more to end modern slavery.

We are not a charity; we are an association; a banding together of likeminded professionals. While we come to slavefreetrade from all walks of life, and from all over the world, we share the ideal that informed choices will shape a world that we want to live in, not the one we presently do.

Here are the faces and history behind the people up for the challenge of delivering this global transformation:


Brian Iselin

Brian Iselin

Founder and President

Brian Iselin is a former soldier and Federal Agent, turned from the drug wars to counter-human trafficking. Bringing field experience against slavery of more than 17 years in almost 50 countries, Brian also holds university degrees in strategic studies, police management, international criminal justice and modern Asian studies. Brian is the founder of slavefreetrade, President of the Executive Committee, and is inaugural Chair of the International Advisory Board.

“It has always been my way to stand up for those without a voice.”

Helen Burrows

Helen Burrows

Senior Vice President

Our Co-Founder Helen is a human rights lawyer and international justice reform specialist. Over the past 20 years, she has led the delivery of justice initiatives in over 50 countries. Helen holds Masters degree in International Law along with Anthropology and International Development. Presently based in Malta with her young family, Helen is our Co-Founder and sits on the Executive Committee.

“Inspired by slavefreetrade’s pivoted and multifaceted approach to ending modern slavery, I see the possibility of it transforming consumer and corporate consciousness globally, and in turn; transforming millions of lives.”

Aneta Lorková

Aneta L Dvorakova

Executive Officer

Aneta, our tireless Executive Officer, supports the Executive Committee, runs the Secretariat, and helps our team scale, grow, and succeed.  Prior to joining us, she worked for the world’s leading trade fair organiser and assisted European SMEs to internationalise to access new markets, mainly in Asia. Observing the latest economic developments and policies, she is adept at navigating business-makers through the world of new opportunities.

“Change is possible. Our purchasing power (WE!) has that undeniable influence. 

Aneta Lorková

Roger Branigin


For the past six years, Roger Branigin has worked with companies to develop the systems and internal controls they need to manage their social, human rights, and other people-related risks. Before that, he spent nearly 20 years advising global property insurers and financial institutions in complex valuation and risk assessment proceedings, including lead roles in the World Trade Center property loss appraisal, Petrobras deep-water oil platform surety litigation, and other prominent cases.

“By applying innovative approaches and disruptive technologies to an age-old problem, slavefreetrade promises to make everyone in the supply chain — from factory workers through mid-tier suppliers to retailers and consumers — active agents of change in putting an end to modern slavery. I want to be part of that change. 

Gurleen Hans

Gurleen Hans

Director, Finance

Gurleen Hans is a financial specialist and joins our team as Finance Director. Gurleen has worked in various roles in the Corporate, Government, Humanitarian Response, Public Health and Development sectors. As a Chartered Accountant, Gurleen is experienced in auditing, financial management, risk management, corporate governance and business consulting and has worked across South-East Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa and Europe.

“Slavefreetrade was the ideal solution that arose which met my interests in human rights and my desire to make impactful change in a new and growing organisation.”

Andreea Sargan

Andreea Sargan

Operations Manager

With finance and operations management background, Andreea Sargan is another Excel lover, passionate about numbers and analytics. Romanian native and local of London for 9 years, she made a radical change and left the big city to join Geneva community. Strong believer of a better world, where all humans have access to a decent living, fundamental rights and are treated with respect, Andreea joins slavefreetrade as Operations Manager.

“The chance to join a dedicated and motivated team aiming to reduce modern slavery” 

Boris Galonske

Mohammed Agyeman Nyame

Secretariat Assistant / Coordinator

Mohammed joins slavefreetrade as Secretariat Assistant/ Coordinator. He holds BSc Ecotourism and Professional training in mining. Mohammed is passionate about serving humanity. He has enormous experience in working with NGOs, volunteer organizations and government agencies in Ghana. Previously, he helped build a foundation and community school aimed for saving the poor and dejected in the community and impacting knowledge. His vision is to set up Educational Fund in the memory of his Grandmother.

“In order to possess dynamic positive spirit to help eliminate the suffering of the deprived and the plight of the exploited and recover for them the freedom and dignity which the present social system has denied them”

Boris Galonske

Alyssa Edling

Executive Assistant to the President, Secretariat

Alyssa is an Activist, Traveler, and Educator with a passion for empowering younger generations to recognize the ways they impact this globalized world, and to take action. She has previous experience in environmental and migration issues in the United States, and an academic background in Anthropology and Public Policy.
While working with slavefreetrade, she will continue to travel, work, and volunteer all over the world.

“As I began to explore the world, I gained awareness of the consequences of my role as a consumer. I joined slavefreetrade because I want to do whatever I can to make that role a more positive one and to empower others to do the same.”

Boris Galonske

Aarti Reddy

Coordinator, Behavioural Insights Group

Aarti Reddy is a researcher of socio-economic development, currently pursuing a PhD in Economics from American University, Washington D.C. She has previously worked on projects related to Social Enterprises, Impact Investment, CSR and Climate Change in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Vietnam and USA. Aarti holds Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Leadership studies from the University of Richmond.

“I am excited about using Behavioral Economics to make markets work better for the unorganized and underprivileged, hopefully eradicating modern day slavery”

Boris Galonske

Kameni Chaddha

Advisory Board Liaison

Kameni is from Nottingham, UK but is currently a student at the University of London, Institute in Paris studying French studies with History. She’s working with other NGOs and small projects in and around Paris while continuing her studies and has plans to peruse a Master’s degree around the topic of the Holocaust and the Cold war in the coming years.

“I joined Slavefreetrade because I want to be part of something that helps to make our world a better place”

Cross/Cutting Activities

Elizabeth Flint

Elizabeth Flint

Gender Advisor

Elizabeth Flint is currently freelance as a gender specialist working predominantly as an Expert Witness on human trafficking/modern slavery cases. Beth has extensive experience as an expert practitioner especially in working on areas of sexual and gender based violence and exploitation.

“I want to contribute to slow, meaningful, lasting change and I believe that slavefreetrade are at the heart of making that happen.”

Hanna Barvaeus

Kim Kippels

Youth advisor

Kim brings extensive experience in youth programming, having worked with donors, international NGOs, and schools in Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific for more than twelve years. Kim is passionate about building partnerships for meaningful development, and believes in investing in young people as changemakers. She recently managed a large youth initiative in East Africa and established a successful regional youth leadership center in partnership with the private sector. Kim has Master degrees in Public Administration and Teaching

“I joined because I believe people would choose ethical purchases if they knew how; is doing important work to bring that information to consumers as well as to prevent slavery in value chains” 

Government Programme

Maria Panagi

Maria Panagi

EU Affairs Advisor

Maria Panagi joined the SlaveFreeTrade team as EU Affairs Advisor. Holding a degree in international and European economics, she has previously worked for advocacy organisations in Brussels, and gained experience particularly in EU policies on international trade, working for a leading business association of the EU metal sector. Navigating into EU policy monitoring and analysis remain her main interest even now that is based in her home country, Greece.

“The global, encompassing approach of slavefreetrade to eliminating slavery from supply chains reminds us that everyone can contribute to social change.”

Maria Panagi

Marc Steiner

Public Procurement Advisor

Marc Steiner holds a Master of Law from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and is admitted to the bar. He has been appointed as a judge to the Swiss Federal Administrative Court in 2007 (2nd Division, primarily in charge of economic matters including public procurement and competition). He lately contributed as a speaker to the WTO Symposium on the Government Procurement Agreement (September 2015) and the WTO Symposium on Sustainable Procurement (February 2017). Marc joins slavefreetrade as Public Procurement Advisor

“The global, encompassing approach of slavefreetrade to eliminating slavery from supply chains reminds us that everyone can contribute to social change.”

Maria Panagi

Aris Georgopoulos

Special Advisor

Dr Aris Georgopoulos is Assistant Professor in European and Public Law at the School of Law of the University of Nottingham. He is also an advocate, consultant and member of the International Learning Lab on Public Procurement and Human Rights. He has acted as expert advisor to national authorities, international organisations and institutions (such as the OECD, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, The European Court of Auditors and USAID) in public procurement regulatory reform. Aris joins slavefreetrade as special advisor on public procurement.

“Governments must consider using their purchasing power to tackle forms of modern slavery. In my mind, this is not only desirable; it is an obligation”

Maria Panagi

luca motta


Luca joins slavefreetrade as researcher and is currently based in Geneva. He believes human rights shall be integrated into business to maintain social equality. He has provided legal analysis and advice in law firms. He has worked in research and advocacy for NGOs and international organizations. Luca holds a Master of Laws and a Master of Advanced Studies in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

“Slavery is a heinous and illegal practice, thus unacceptable. Slavefreetrade and I seek to eliminate slavery from supply chains.”

Maria Panagi

Amy Weatherburn


Amy is a human rights researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Her research focuses on trafficking in human beings for the purposes of labour exploitation, analysing the effectiveness of the implementation of the European legal framework and the handling of labour exploitation in law. She is involved in a number of EU funded human trafficking research projects.

“Being involved in Slavefreetrade provides an excellent opportunity to put into practice academic research interests with a view to contributing to increased awareness by governments, businesses and consumers in understanding the importance of slavery free supply chains..”

The Alliance

Lana Vego

Lana Vego

Programme Manager, The Alliance

Lana Vego is a human rights activist with a rich grass root experience with organisations in the Balkans and CIS region dealing with peace building and conflict transformation. Lana is currently based in Geneva, engaged in advocacy with the UN and other international organisations. Through the years, Lana has developed an interest in business and corporate responsibility and is involved with the The Alliance Program.

“I joined slavefreetrade because I believe in a fair world and the possibility of individuals to foster social change.”

Ana Novaković

Martina Matejickova

Programme Manager, The Alliance

Martina Matejickova is our Programme Manager – Deal Closer excited and very enthusiastic about social change with university background in Public Economy and Statistics. She lives in France,now based in Paris. She is experienced in key account management especially in insurance and reinsurance industry.

“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of  human beings”.

Sladjana Rstic

Sladjana Rstic

Partnership Manager, Australasia

Sladjana is a development professional pursuing inclusive solutions to challenges facing vulnerable populations in the Asia Pacific region. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science and a Masters of International Security, the latter inspired by her interest in state and regime fragility and transnational security issues, amongst those human trafficking. Based in Sydney, Sladjana joins slavefreetrade as the Partnership Manager, Australasia.

“I am inspired by slavefreetrade’s unprecedented and comprehensive model to eliminate modern slavery – one that reaches out to perpetrators, regulators and consumers.”

The Community

Keith Garrell

Daniela Ferreira

Programme Manager

Daniela is a researcher at slavefreetrade. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in European Studies, which allowed her to specialize in human rights at an European and international level from which she’s passionate. She is currently based in Geneva where she has been working in human rights related issues at the UN and NGOs, in particular for persons with disabilities’ employment conditions during her last internship.

“As part of our mission to improve human rights worldwide, we need to ensure future generations never face any form of slavery.”

The Framework

Fadzai Mamvura

Fadzai Mamvura

Programme Director, Certification

Fadzai is a lawyer with a passion for labour law, women’s and children’s rights. She worked with MawereSibanda Commercial Lawyers and was pro bono lawyer and Board Treasurer (2012-13) for Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association. Fadzai is a member of Women Lawyers of WA Inc, United Nations Association of Australia WA Division-Young Professionals and a Past President of the Rotaract Club of Harare West (District 9210). She lives with her family in Perth, Western Australia.

“I joined to contribute towards the elimination of modern slavery taking into account the lived realities of those most affected by it.”

Nicole Cherry

Nicole Cherry

Programme Coordinator, Certification

Nicole Cherry has 10+ years experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of international development programs. She has worked across a variety of sectors, including governance, product and service standards, community development, and law and justice. Nicole holds a Masters of International and Community Development and Bachelor of Business Management.

“Passionate about making a difference to improve the lives of others.”

Nicole Cherry

Adeline Mills


Adeline Mills is an international development expert with over 10 years working with the UN, NGOs, Government Institutions and think tanks. She has a Masters degree in Development Studies. From dodging bullets in Gaza to assisting refugees on the Thai-Myanmar border and negotiating projects with local officials in DR Congo, she has witnessed first-hand the inequalities and injustices of this world. She believes ethical business is a major catalyst for social change.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” Mahatma Gandhi

Nicole Cherry

Marianne Kuusipalo


Marianne is a researcher at slavefreetrade and is currently based in Geneva. Passionate about social equality and justice issues, she has previously worked for over 10 years in development cooperation, research and communications for the UN, NGOs and the private sector in Africa and Europe. Marianne holds Master’s degrees in European politics and economics and is completing her PhD on the social impacts of resource extraction.

“I am thrilled to conduct research with other likeminded professionals to challenge the way contemporary slavery is accepted as ’business as usual’.”

Nicole Cherry

Hélène Bourry


Hélène Bourry is a human rights activist with an academic background in Humanitarian Affairs and in Social Sciences. She accumulated experiences in human trafficking, working with NGOs, social services and government agencies across Europe and Asia. Previously, she helped building empowerment projects for refugee women to prevent them from abuse and exploitation.

“Slavefreetoday inspires me in its transformative approach to end modern slavery and to make our globalized world a better place for all of us”


Betsy Wood

Communications Strategist

Betsy Wood is a writer, editor and communications strategist for worker rights and economic justice. She has provided strategic communications support for many campaigns, including placements in media outlets such as The New York Times and Time magazine. Prior to joining us, Betsy helped launch a worker justice center at Rutgers University. She also served as Managing Editor of and worked for GoodWeave International to eliminate child labor in global supply chains.

“To make the world a better place, why not start with something we can all agree on? I am inspired by slavefreetrade’s vision of a world where everyone works together to ensure that no one is enslaved”

Zuzana Latanikova

Zuzana Latanikova

Communication Specialist

Digital communication specialist, social media “Guru” and all new media enthusiastic originally from Prague, Czech republic now joining slavefreetrade community in Switzerland. She has a background in Digital marketing and holds master’s degree in Public Relations. Zuzana is a world traveler, always optimistic food lover with a strong mind set and passion for change.

“Our generation could be the one that ends modern slavery.”

Seda Gümüştaş

Seda Gümüştaş

Graphic Designer and Digital Strategist

Seda Gumustas, is joining Slavefreetrade team as Graphic Designer and Digital Strategist. She is passionate about combining creativity and social responsibility. Her main focus: positive impact. Seda loves travelling in nature and drinking strong coffee.

“What draw me to join slavefreetrade is to focus on works that cultivate values in the community and use design to contribute to people’s subjective well-being.”

Seda Gümüştaş

Francesca Lister-Fell


Francesca is studying English Literature at Edinburgh University and is currently doing a summer internship at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva. She is frustrated by social inequalities and wishes to reduce the most outstanding global disparities. She has previously volunteered on a 10 week social development project in Honduras and is now excited to be involved in slavefreetrade, as she believes their mission is entirely achievable and extremely necessary.

“When modern slavery is completely eradicated, we will wonder how it ever existed in the first place”


Ingela Stahl-Zulu

Ingela Stahl-Zulu

Director, Human Rights

Ingela Stahl-Zulu, Swedish lawyer and human rights specialist, experienced in development co-operation, capacity building, advocacy and research in human rights and global health governance. She previously worked with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and consulted for the WHO, UNAIDS and Universal Rights Group. Ingela is currently completing a course in Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Geneva.

“I  believe that slavefreetrade’s multifaceted approach working with all stakeholders is the best way to tackle labour and human rights violations in the supply chain.”

Martin Brodén

Martin Brodén

Director, Intellectual Property

Martin Brodén is an expert on intellectual property and in particular domain names, trademarks and copyrights on the Internet. He has worked for the Swedish Government, the ICC and as in-house corporate legal counsel. At Martin serves as the trademark “watchdog” and is joining us as as Director, Intellectual Property. In his leisure time Martin enjoys being with his family. Martin is presently based in Geneva but will soon move back to his hometown Stockholm.

”Affected by Brian’s drive and the need to eradicate slavery I am happy to bring my skills and competences to support our organisation to achieve this goal.”

Matthew Sparkes

Business Advisor

Matthew Sparkes is an international attorney with 15 years of experience in law and public policy.  He lives in Geneva, where he serves as deal counsel to a pioneering impact investment firm.  He previously worked for Root Capital, where he built the in-house legal function and a practice hell-bent on promoting equitable supply chains and a more inclusive economic system. He freely admits to spending time in Washington, having served as Special Counsel to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and as a military and foreign affairs adviser to a Member of Congress.

najla Akef


Canadian and French qualified lawyer, Najla holds a J.D. and an LL.M. in International Law where she graduated top of her class. Experienced in contracts, corporate law and intellectual property, she has a keen interest for corporate social responsibility and human rights.
Originally from Canada, she is now based in Lausanne.

”Millions of people are trapped in modern-day slavery today and only we, through social awareness, can change that”

Tom Obokata


Tom Obokata is Professor of International Law and Human Rights at Keele University. His expertise lies in transnational organised crime generally, and human trafficking in particular. He has published extensively on these. He also provides advice to governmental and non-governmental organisations globally and has served as an independent expert for entities such as the UK Parliament, the European Union, and the International Organisation for Migration in the past.

”I joined slavefreetrade as I wanted to make my own contributions to the eradication of this heinous crime.”

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