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A World
Made in Freedom™

We help you make sure you are buying and selling only things Made in Freedom ™

Until now, if you bought something you had no idea if it was Made in Freedom™, or not.

A staggering 80% of what we buy – whether as amateur or professional buyers – has human rights abuses behind. 77% of businesses – those you own, work for, invest in, buy from, sell for, have modern slavery in their supply chains.

Tags have little meaning today and, thanks to outmoded methods of checking, labels don’t assure us of much at all.

Our solution is asking every person in every workplace involved in the making about their conditions, and assessing those conditions against international human rights law. And then distributing that information to those who can make better decisions as a result.

Key Features

Human Source

11 Layers of Integrity

Always On

Distributed Intelligence

100% Anonymity

100% Confidentiality

Cost effective

What Libertas™ Does for you

Supply Chain Discovery

So you can see all your worksites and suppliers. Layer by layer your suppliers, clients, members, or investees are imported, become subscribers, and in turn advance. Network connections between all of entities are maintained digitally and licence participants to carry public proof of their results. Commercial sensitivity is respected through intelligent masking.

Human Rights Assessment & Monitoring

So you can understand everything that is happening in your workplaces and supply chain, we deploy a smartphone app with a built-in survey bot to ask continuing questions of every person in a worksite about their conditions.  Conditions are monitored, and workplaces graded, in real time. Identified issues are triaged, and remedial services are available from our panel of accredited service providers.

Values Alignment

Against our 10 Principles for Decent Work, you will undergo a continuing desk audit for legal and policy compliance. This process is designed to measure and promote compliance with the leading legal regimes, including the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015. Where you find you are not compliant, templates and guidance are offered. Compliance-related consulting services are also available from our panel of accredited service providers.

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Video: Libertas App

Video: About Modern Slavery

About us

We are a Swiss non-profit originally formed in 2016. We are on a mission to build a world Made in Freedom™. We do this by bringing the world’s buyers and sellers together around goods and services to buy only what is proved to have not harmed anyone.

We combine our volunteer staff from all over the world, in 3 pillars of slavefreetrade: human rights, advanced technology, and communications.

Our headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

human rights wheel

Our services

We operate Libertas™, the world’s first distributed human source intelligence system for human rights.

Libertas™ is the coming together of a robust definition of decent work under international human rights law – our “10 Principles”, and the advanced technology to operationalise it.

Libertas™ works for everyone. Agnostic to product and geography, its units of measure are workplaces and people.

If you have workplaces and people, Libertas™ is for you.


a distributed human source intelligence system for human rights


Brian Iselin
Chief Executive Officer

David Badower
Chief Operating Officer

Marco Colacchia
Chief Financial Officer (Volunteer)
Martina Carlino
Director, Assessment & Monitoring
Raffaele  de Cecco
Chief of Supply Chain
Sumati Mattu
Chief Marketing Officer
Albert Peci
Director of Blockchain Services
David Roethlisberger
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Constantly looking to be challenged, learn and grow, and make use of the world’s best tools, we are an Oracle Startup as well as a Microsoft, Atlassian, Slack, and TechSoup Nonprofit.

We are Members of the Hyperledger Social Impact Group, Northern Blockchain, Alliance, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, and Sourcewell.

We are Fellows in the Hatch CoLab Social Impact Accelerator, Winners of Deutsche Bahn’s 2019 Supply Chain Transparency Hackathon, and Members of Plug and Play Tech Centre.

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