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Faces of slavefreetrade: Meet our volunteers!

Faces of slavefreetrade: Meet our volunteers!

Without you, we could not have done it. 

On slavefreetrade’s 2nd birthday, we are shining the spotlight on all those who helped us get here. They come from all around the globe and share a common mission. To fight modern slavery and protect human rights for a world Made in Freedom. 

We asked some of our volunteers, “What excites you most about being a part of slavefreetrade and what difference do you personally seek to make with slavefreetrade?”.

This is what they had to say.

David Badower, Chief Operating Officer, Operations

“I really believe in our mission to deliver transparency and decent working conditions on workplaces globally. I’m quite passionate about the way we can use the economy and technology to fulfill this mission, and I try to use what I learned in the private sector to contribute as much as I can.”

Eleanor Hicks, UX/UI Designer, Marketing 

“I’m excited to be part of a passionate team which seeks to change the world for the better using smart, tech-based tools. I seek to use my skills and experience in visual and experience design to create innovative solutions.”

Yehya Wehbe, Editor, Marketing 

“At slavefreetrade you work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds for a common cause. This by itself excites me as I’m establishing virtual relationships through the use of technology to contribute in the fight against modern slavery. As an editor and contributing writer, I seek to raise the e-reader’s awareness of the dangers of modern slavery by shedding light on this topic through the blogposts and interviews we conduct.”

Nneka Edozien, Web Developer, IT

“Modern day slavery has no place in the 21st century. I am excited to be a part of a team working to eradicate this injustice around the world.”

Jia Yin, UX/UI Designer, Product Development

“[What excites me most about being a part of slavefreetrade] is that we are able to spread awareness about modern slavery, and cause each consumer to think twice before purchasing something.”

Emmanuel Tjom, Mobile Developer, IT

“What excites me about being part of slavefreetrade is the teamwork, with people from different cultures. The difference I seek to make is to use my talent to help man break out of modern slavery.”

Cynthia Tjin, Movement Builder, Secretariat

“What excites me most is knowing that despite being spread around the globe, everyone is equally committed to increase and improve the organization’s efforts to abolish modern slavery.”

Marco Colacchia, Association Secretary, Executive Committee 

“[The difference I personally seek to make is] to create a better world, where everybody has visibility on what is behind what we buy and can choose products made in freedom.”

Michael Malak, Software Developer, IT

“I’m excited about technology and how it affects our lives. Working as a software developer with slavefreetrade is building technology that affects workplaces and protecting human rights. I think slavefreetrade’s 10 principles for decent workplace conditions are truly inspirational, and I strive to see all workplaces globally applying them.”

Sara Simoncini, UX/UI Designer, Product Development

Over the past two years, slavefreetrade has grown thanks to the passion, commitment and support of all our volunteers. Inspired by their stories? Join us in the fight against modern slavery today!