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The Rise Of The Consumer

We are in what Forrester Research calls “The Age of the Customer,” where customers, not companies, are driving business decisions. For this reason, it is more important than ever for companies to get to know their customers on a deeper level. Consumers increasingly want to know if the brand they buy fits in with their worldview and ethical standpoint. Consumer awareness, fueled by an exponential rise in natural disasters over the past few years, more information in breaking news about human tragedies in supply chains, as well as conversation around key topics such as global warming, is forcing companies to delineate their stance. Businesses need to be increasingly sensitive to a marketplace in flux, if they are to keep up with the growing gap between themselves and their customer’s mindset. No industry is immune to the current shifting sands, as people come to expect brands to mirror their altered value systems.

This rise in ethical consumerism, well documented for the last 5-6 years, is a wonderful opportunity for businesses that do good, and want to do good, to rise above the others. We see ethical businesses wanting to finally be able to prove, with rigour, that what they do is good. Gone are the days when a business could audit less than 5% of its supply chain, once every two years. Gone are the days when a business could 'list' itself in a consumer-facing scheme as a good company, without being able to provide meticulous first-hand proof of their goodness.

Ethical consumerism is increasingly marked by two characteristics:

1. 'immediacy', the delivery of information as and when it is known at the time and place the consumer wants; and
2. 'veracity', the information delivered must be independently verifiable as true, and against the highest possible/available standards.

And the bar for immediacy and veracity has just been raised.

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The consumer is in charge; you and I have the choice in our every day shopping to make sure we buy things that are made in freedom. To help you choose freedom when you buy, we are building a consumer app. You can see whether a product you want to buy is slave-free or not, tell us if you want it to be and, if it is slave-free, you can take a journey down the supply chain and even tip the workers if you enjoy their product.

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Life without liberty is like a body without spirit."

- Kahlil Gibran

Our Process

From the start, we have been all about movements. slavefreetrade’s mission involves establishing a movement. And if you could change the world by getting everyone to work together towards a goal, why wouldn’t you?

The change-orgs of the world have shown us that assembled, working collectively, individuals can again be a powerful force for good, and for change. And now, as part of our global movement to make sure nobody was harmed in the making of what we buy, you too can instigate your own movement within this campaign.

When you get our app and use it in-store, and find a product that you want to be slave-free is not, you can ‘Start a Movement’ around making that product slave-free. If someone already started it for that product, you can join that movement by adding your signature, just like When a critical mass of consumers have joined the movement wanting that product slave-free, we tell the maker for you. We keep you updated: telling you the response of the maker, and tell you if and when the product becomes available.

You can watch as the number of movements you found and join add up, and compare your activism to your friends!
Special features are unlocked the more activist you are.

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