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Human rights in business activities are often compromised because often we don’t see any issues happening at offices, factories, farms, plantations, mines, etc.

Relying only on traditional ‘track and trace’ auditing practices at production and administrative sites helps to meet regulatory requirements. However, compliance alone does not lead to system-level change.

The UN Human Rights Council, in the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, has clarified that all business enterprises have an independent responsibility to respect human rights.

Our methodology for corporate human rights compliance

Our human rights framework

10 Principles for Decent Work©

slavefreetrade® 10 Principles for Decent Work© framework helps your organisation conduct a holistic corporate human rights due diligence.

It is the first tool of its kind to enable universal, quantitative and qualitative measurement of human rights in workplaces.

slavefreetrade® has built an in-house team of experts with decades of experience in international human rights

Our framework also connects your commitment to human rights with UN Sustainable Development Goals reporting.

100 indicators to canvas the full diversity of workplace human rights issues

100 universally applicable observational and experiential questions to capture a 360° view of every workplace.

Our processes

1. Policy alignment

An in-depth review of your business practices, taking the 10 Principles for Decent Work© as reference for international human rights law compliance.

2. Workforce assessment

A regular survey under strict privacy conditions for your employees, which highlights strengths and conflicts in human rights compliance and gathers data to develop remedial actions. 

  1. Impact communications

A tailored communications programme informed by your business strategy, which helps you to communicate your commitment to human rights and build your reputation as an ethical organisation.

Our solutions

Ethical labelling

A distinctive badge and label that makes your organisation stand out for its commitment to human rights.

The badge signals slavefreetrade® members’ commitment to human rights. Members can use it in all their public communications.

The label certifies that slavefreetrade® members’ final products, raw materials used thereof, and workplaces are untainted by human rights issues.

Baseline improvement

Our continuous assessment helps your organisation to respond quickly as risks to human rights may change over time.

Your Journey to become a slavefreetrade member

Take a decisive step

  • First mover advantage
    Human rights is the new HR.
  • Market differentiation
    A unique badge and label for human rights compliance, from production to sale.
  • Consumer loyalty
    Consumers are loyal to brands they consider ethical.

  • Staff retention and recruitment
    Promoting human rights and SDG alignment makes you a more attractive employer.
  • Legal compliance
    Governments are increasingly calling for human rights and slavery resolution.
  • Enterprise risk management
    Being human rights compliant reduces the legal liability of human rights impacts which may arise in the course of doing business.