About slavefreetrade’s vision

The world we want is one in which the only things people want to buy are made in freedom. We make that happen. For the first time in history the will to fix the problem and the technology and behavioural economics to make that happen have all come together.

slavefreetrade delivers you active means to rebuild a number of broken relationships that, when repaired, mean we will see the end of modern slavery in workplaces; the much-vaunted supply chain slavery.

Those 3 relationships at the heart of our mission are:

  1. building a new compact between consumers and retailers. Consumers have power they don't yet know to demand an end to slavery. Retailers have the historic opportunity to do the right thing and sell more to consumers willing to reward them for that. We provide consumers the right knowledge, at the right time, to make informed choices about the things they see in front of them on shelves. We give retailers the way to communicate to consumers - and every single stakeholder they have - about their ethical corporate behaviour.
  2. defining a new way of businesses dealing with suppliers: business relationships that encourage and incentivise transparency. Businesses joining slavefreetrade are very much all in it together, sharing a stake in having full visibility of their supply chain. We are the anti-Ali Baba (sorry Jack!).
  3. bringing employers and their employees together in a way that requires and promotes both mutual interests and builds trust. They act together in slavefreetrade as a cohesive workplace.

We do all of these things through a complete loop of incentives and nudges that means everyone in the system pulls in the same direction. Everyone is rewarded for being good. Nobody is attacked for not being up to scratch; only supported. Nobody loses jobs; working conditions globally improve year-on-year against the most comprehensive labour standard that we have developed. And all taking place in a mutually supporting and mutually reinforcing space.

The first 2 years of slavefreetrade's life have been spent building the most amazing system that is the result of us combining for the first time ever two extraordinary components.

The first is an assessment framework that is rooted in a deep and contemporary understanding of the nature of labour problems, what slavery looks like, and what decent work looks like. This framework developed by some of the world’s leading experts under the patronage of the UN Special Rapporteur on Slavery, elicits 10 principles which represent the values of human rights in workplaces; what it takes to make a decent workplace. Modern slavery and decent work are on the same spectrum, just at opposing ends, so our job is to bring all workplaces towards the decent work end of the spectrum.

The second component is a technology platform - a hybrid of blockchain and conventional technology - that makes it simpler and more systematic to manage and measure the human condition in workplaces and supply chains. Our platform provides the tools all businesses need to see exactly what is happening in the human supply chain, and bring decent work into the spotlight, so that slavery retreats into an ever-shrinking world that accepts their slave-made things.

For the first time in history, we create a market differentiator for slave-free from slave-made. Until now, consumers have never had the means to choose slave-free; no products labels help them do that. And businesses have never had the means to also buy and sell slave-free. Differentiating in the market on this dividing line is the market dynamic that will see slave-made pushed into a corner in order to make the slave-free the more attractive market. And for this, like the old adage, we don’t need everyone. We don’t even need most. We just need some to start that dynamic.

The two components brought together mean your workplace is more than free of modern slavery; it is demonstrably a decent workplace against the most comprehensive labour standard. Being assessed as slave-free, you do not need any other label or certification that speaks to the human element of your work. We assessed the more than 245 labels and schemes out there; we supersede all. We provide a result that is vastly more rigorous than any.

These two components combined mean that your supply chain goes from an unknown to a complete and manageable ‘known’. And, in this world, consumers and retailers reward each other for good behaviour and ethical choices. Employers and employees reward each other for good working conditions. And businesses are rewarded for gravitating towards others doing business well.

slavefreetrade’s platform for you means at VERY little cost, you can be sure, your employees can be sure, and your clients can be sure, you stand for the end of slavery. And you can be sure that they will too.

slavefreetrade means made in freedom. That's the world we want.

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"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me:
I am a free human being with an independent will."

- Charlotte Bronte from Jane Eyre

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