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Our mission

Our mission is to bring about transparency and improvements in human rights conditions in workplaces

Our vision

Our vision is a world Made in Freedom, where modern slavery is eliminated from every workplace

One of the biggest challenges organisations face in monitoring & operationalising human rights in workplaces is that there is no standard definition of acceptable workplace conditions, using international human rights law. So we’ve made one. Our 10 Principles pull together a framework that covers all points of international human rights law that relate to workplace conditions. Together, this framework defines 'decent work’.

These principles are how we determine the standards to be met, the indicators of those standards being met, and ultimately the questions we ask of everyone everywhere, to review the on-ground work-conditions everywhere.

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We are a Geneva-based NGO, with a start-up culture and energy. Since 2018, we have been making strides in our mission to create a more equal world by our volunteer staff from all over the world, people from over 20 nationalities championing change across the 3 pillars of slavefreetrade: Human Rights, Advanced Technology, and Communications.

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Your donation can make a big difference to our mission to transform the lives of those suffering from human rights abuses in their work, help us create a World Made in Freedom (TM)


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