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A world
Made in Freedom™

Every Person, Every Product, Every Continent

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A world where all the things we buy are Made in Freedom™

slavefreetrade® is a non-profit, membership association based in Switzerland.

We exist to help ethical organisations demonstrate their commitment to human rights compliance to their stakeholders.

We are ensuring that any human rights issues in their operations are identified, addressed and remediated.

We create a world where everything we buy is Made in Freedom™.

You can trigger change

Within human rights violations, modern slavery is particularly troublesome. It exists because we don’t see it happening; it is built into the prevailing economic model.

All business enterprises have an independent responsibility to respect human rights, according to the UN Human Rights Council, in the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

You can support as consumers by identifying the good players rather than blaming the bad ones. We believe in this positive circle: reward actors for being good and making things the way consumers and businesses want them made.

Why now?

Because slavery never went away 

There are more people suffering in slavery today than during the entire 400 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  

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people suffer in modern slavery
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children in child labor
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of businesses admit some kind of modern slavery behind them

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We are…

A Swiss non-profit tax-exempted membership association. More than 150 mission-driven, globally-dispersed people. 

Truly diverse, with 45 nationalities and 60% women

Our Label

Blue for freedom and hope

A leaf for the products we buy

A centred hand at the forefront to remind us about the focus on the people who make those products.

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