A world
Made in Freedom™

Every Person, Every Continent

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10s of millions of people labour in modern slavery

Most organisations have blindspots when it comes to the things they buy and sell

Consumers want to buy products they know have been ethically made

What we Offer

An innovative way to give control over your supply chain

  • Supply chain transparency
  • slavefree labeling
  • Product transparency

We created Libertas™, the world’s first distributed human source intelligence system that ensures human rights compliant goods & services.

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For Organisations

Libertas Organisations is the world’s only International Human Rights Law compliance and real-time Human Rights platform.

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For People

Libertas People helps you find and buy slavefree products & services.

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Who we are

We are a Swiss nonprofit, headquartered in Geneva, originally formed in 2018. We are on a mission to build a world Made in Freedom™. We do this by bringing the world’s buyers and sellers together around goods and services to buy only what is proved to have not harmed anyone.

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