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Our Vision

People all over the world have the power to ensure a modern, progressive, and just world where everyone works in freedom with respect and dignity. We equip organisations with the means to make that ideal a reality.  

Our Mission

We believe human rights and modern slavery are in a binary relationship; the existence of the former makes the latter impossible. So, we revolutionise the way businesses, consumers, workers and governments work together to ensure slavery cannot exist in workplaces. We combine new approaches with new capabilities and technologies to guaranteeslavefreeworkplaces and products. 

We provide the world’s first human rights compliance platform. As Salesforce is to customer relationship management, so we are to human rights compliance. Through the platform, we provide the means for any organisation to discover, map, assess, and monitor the human workplace and their human supply chain by linking the human workplaces together. 

The demand for goods and services that are 100% slave free requires individuals and organisations a positive, beneficial role to play in making this happen; consumers to buy ethical goods and services, and organisations to provide them. We combine the world’s most comprehensive human rights standard for workplaces with ground-breaking technology – a hybrid of conventional and blockchain – to make total workplace and supply chain visibility a reality.

A revolution on yesterday, now organisations and their supply chains can be assessed by us in real-time continually, with the employee’s voice as the primary source evidence.

The consumer is in charge; you and I have the choice in our every day shopping to make sure we buy things that are made in freedom. To help you choose freedom when you buy, we are building a consumer app. You can see whether a product you want to buy isslavefreeor not, tell us if you want it to be and, if it is slave-free, you can take a journey down the supply chain and even tip the workers if you enjoy their product. We reckon it is VERY cool.

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"Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight
of the human spirit and human dignity."

- Herbert Hoover

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